A New Hope Center


We recognize that many people are victimized by other people who use whatever power they have to control them. We recognize that dominance of any one group over another is at the core of victimization. We are here to expose and support the truth about victimization. We tell the truth about woman battering, incest, rape, child abuse, sexual harassment, femicide and other crimes against those less powerful than their perpetrators. We are not silenced.

We are here to help survivors know the truth, empowering them through helping them to see their choices and to know the broader context of their victimization in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

We recognize that there are truths about oppression and victimization and we want to live in a world where these truths are evident.

True equality in all aspects of a human being's life should be an undisputed, innate right. For in true equality comes true justice and with true justice comes true equality.

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