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How Can I Help?

1- Donate!

  • *Click the button at the top of the page to make a monetary donation- these help with direct service items for people in need- safety items like phones and video recording devices, health items like prescriptions and food, or some small household items people need when setting up new places to live.

  • * Check with us for items to donate- we often need things like towels, bedding, etc- anything people need to set up new places to live. 

2- Give time, energy, and expertise!

  • Help with special projects at the shelter- gardening and small repairs for example.

  • Help with the hotline (let us know so we can set you up with the training).

  • Help in the office- small repairs, organization of areas.

  • Help with awareness activities- every month has a dedicated subject that we raise awareness of.

  • Talk about the issues-

    • Learn through the ITP program​

    • Challenge victim-blaming and social attitudes that permit hate and violence

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